Where on earth has she been?!

Well HELLO! Here I am. I never really left but I’ve had a few messages from my lovely readers wondering where the hell I’ve been the past couple of months so thought it was about time I filled you all in.

Well, life has been pretty hectic with my day job(s); it’s great to be busy but it’s just been relentless. I’ve contended with a few family upheavals and I’ve been working on something REALLY exciting that until now I’ve kept under wraps but I’ll go into that later in this post. To run a blog on top of all that has been impossible. Things have been bitter-sweet some may say but on the whole everything is great and there is so much to look forward to in the coming months.

Partying at TBEX Costa Brava with the Travel Live Learn crew @sarahblinco & @CooperDawson1

TBEX Costa Brava

At the end of April I went to Costa Brava for my first TBEX conference which is one great big party where travel bloggers and professionals all over the globe meet to network professionally, attend various (very informative) seminars and generally make great new friends. It was a fantastic experience for a newbie like me and I’ve already booked to go to Stockholm July 2016 and I’m seriously toying with the idea of going to TBEX Asia in Bangkok in October…Watch this space 🙂


(Impossible for me to say that in any other way other than in the voice of Freddie Mercury…)

Straight after TBEX, I met Mr Hardy-Traveller in Barcelona where we drank sangria, wandered the streets, people watched and generally tried to relax, although my brain was running round in circles trying to process all the exciting things I’d learnt at TBEX so it was hard to switch off. Barcelona is definitely a city I’d go back to, it has a bit of everything and I loved the chilled vibe.

Love those beach vibes. Barcelona

Gaudi, dude, this is awesome! Still unfinished, the Sagrada Famílier

Amsterdam. Again. 

Since then, we’ve been to Amsterdam twice; both times for work and very little play but to be fair working in my favourite city in the world – who am I to complain!? ‘Tis no hardship.  Although I definitely need a little relaxing trip there sometime soon….it’s not a fun city to rush around in that’s for sure, trying to dodge the annihilated tourists in peak season is no laughing matter. But hey, we survived and I still love it just as much now if not more than ever.


Jordaan district, Amsterdam. She’s stolen my heart.



Then last week we went to Berlin for the first time. It was our third wedding anniversary trip and we made a pact that we’d always do something new every year. I’ve fancied Berlin for a while now, people rave about it but I must say, I wasn’t sure at first. It felt derelict, a little sombre and there were a lot of very troubled ‘down-and-outs’ for me to worry about (I can visit the world over and I ALWAYS struggle with this side of things,I  just want to help everyone which is impossible). But, we did stay quite deep on the east side. I suppose the equivalent would be staying in Croydon on your trip to London, but worse. No thanks. (I am from Croydon before anyone jumps on that!) Anyway, that aside, we soon acclimatised and enjoyed every minute, it’s a stunning and very interesting city. We are a little Nazi’d out after all the museums we visited but we are looking forward to going there again to explore some more.

Berlin Cathedral.

Berlin street art

Really damn annoyed I wasn’t there on that date

Aaaaaand drum roll……….

I’VE ONLY GONE AND WRITTEN A BLOODY BOOK! Yep, me. The one who randomly started a blog completely blind back in September 2014 with absolutely no clue about what I was doing, just winging it on pure drive, graft and ambition. Thanks to meeting the awesome Chris Backe on my last night at TBEX, the blogger behind One Weird Globe and the brains behind the Choose A Way travel guides. It is an interactive guide to……you guessed it, Amsterdam. As of last night I have submitted all 39 places and photographs and it is due to be published sometime in September (subject to change). It has been a struggle, there have been some tears, frustration and belly-aching laughter; again I’ve winged it blindly but I got there. For a while when life got in the way I wondered if I would ever complete it. But I have, and I’m really proud of myself. I just hope everyone else likes it too! UPDATE: HERE IT IS!!!

I have a HUGE thank you to say to all my friends and family who have put up with my moods, understood when I’ve been absent from social events, helped to proof read and generally support me. And an even bigger thank you to Mr Hardy-Traveller who has done all the house work, ensured the cats haven’t starved and buggered off to live with the neighbours and held me up when I may have otherwise fallen.

Brouwerij ‘t IJ, a micro-brewery and pub east of Amsterdam. Delightful. (Yes, I was working…..!)

View from the roof of NEMO Science Center

That aside, I also have another very exciting Amsterdam project in the works, but you’ll have to wait a little longer to find out about that, sorry 🙂

So, big fat apologies again for disappearing and thank you to all my sweet readers who cared to ask – it’s a real honour you wondered and I am forever grateful to all of you for sticking around. I’m still flabbergasted at all your support. There are always more random little updates on my Twitter, Facebook and Instagram – follow along 🙂






  1. joan hardy

    wonderful to hear book finally completed. well done can’t wait to see the finished rssult. love J Xxxxx

    1. The Hardy Traveller (Post author)

      Thank you, it’s the start of more great things to come x

  2. WhileI'mYoung&Skinny (@danniellelily)

    I had the exact same first impression to Berlin! Found it really anonymous, like one huge wasteland… then again I was there in snowy February so it wasn’t the warmest introduction to the city. I need to go back when the sun’s shining because I did really enjoy walking around and learning about the history etc. Looking forward to your book! Again, it was lovely to meet you on saturday xx

    1. The Hardy Traveller (Post author)

      I don’t think the super early flight with little sleep and lack of food helped at all plus we were staying in a really strange area, it only took a few hours to change our minds! I actually really love the nitty-gritty of a place, usually more interesting than pristine so I wasn’t surprised that I ended up falling in love with it! I definitely need to go back and relax there some more, take it all in and drink lots of beer, for testing purposes of course 😉 Really lovely to meet you on Saturday too!


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