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Quick Travel Guide to Amsterdam – The Hardy Traveller

This is the Quick Travel Guide to Amsterdam with all the practical information you need when visiting. These guides have been designed to use as a point of reference for your trip. Bookmark it, it will certainly come in handy when you’re there!…
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Life is a Circus – The Story Behind Choose a Way Amsterdam

  If you’ve come to grab a copy of Choose a Way Amsterdam click here. Otherwise, if you’ve come to find out the background story behind an amateur winging the completion of a guide book (and pulling it off nicely, I…
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My first trip to Amsterdam – then and now

My first trip to Amsterdam nearly didn’t happen. I was working a hard-core property job at the time and the boss was refusing to let me take just one day off. A group of friends I’d met and travelled with…
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Amsterdam – A Family Friendly Trip

So, you think you’ve heard all there is to know about Amsterdam? All the sex, drugs and rock’n’roll? Not to mention what David’s cousin’s friend’s sister got up to ‘that time in Amsterdam’ (ooooooh shock horror. But it is probably true…with…
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A Day Trip from Amsterdam – The Zaan Region

There are so many layers to Amsterdam, it can be an attack on the senses and there is ample entertainment for every mood and taste even if you just wandered round aimlessly; one could easily fill two weeks just in…
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Open Your Mind & Travel Responsibly: Top Tips

Travel is a luxury and a privilege. People often take it for granted; they don’t give it a second thought while pottering around the globe, eyeing up the must-see icons, eating traditional food and partaking in typical tourist activities. But…
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Lanta Animal Welfare. They NEED you to care, share and if you can, GO THERE!

In 2005, Lanta Animal Welfare was officially born. The founder, Junie Kovacs, opened Time for Lime which is a beach restaurant/bar and cooking school and started to rescue animals using the profits, the animals stayed on the grounds of Time…
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Back from Thailand. What’s next?

Well we’ve been back in London for just over two weeks now after our epic trip to Thailand and we’re finally catching up with everything and settling back into ‘normal life’. I have sooo much to say about this trip…
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