3 Ways to Ease the Holiday Blues

Do you ever find yourself dreading the holiday blues before you’re even home? I made myself chuckle today. Although we’re going away in less than a week to peruse a couple of the less frequented European Christmas markets, I have…
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My Top 5 Reasons to Travel – DO IT NOW!

If you need some persuasion, here are a few reasons to travel. Travelling doesn’t only put a stamp on your passport but also on your heart (urgh that has to be the cheesiest thing I’ve ever said. But who cares? It’s…
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“The Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, Where Angels Fear to Tread”

Now, although this installation is right up my street anyway, I had a much more personal reason for visiting and this post is a special tribute and commemoration of my great-great uncle, Tom Kennerdale who perished aged just 23 in the third Battle of Ypres 27th August 1917.

Music Makes the World go Round – My Top 5 Travelling Tunes

Those overpowering and uncontrollable range of raw emotions, happy or sad, excited or deflated. An energy you can physically feel running through your bones, those notes that make you shiver or those lyrics so true to circumstance. Music is so…
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