Living Vicariously Through series

Living Vicariously Through series…coming soon!!!

Living vicariously through

Let me see the world through your eyes!

As a part time traveller with a home base, I often find myself lusting over other people’s adventures around the world when I’m not out exploring myself. If I’m not already travelling, I’m planning my next trip and what better way than to get some inspiration from others through their own experiences!?

That’s why, every Wednesday I will be showcasing one traveller on their current journey so we can all live vicariously through them!

I will be looking for unique, cool and quirky places and experiences. Either the destination needs to be special or the journey and story itself. I am not looking for a boozy week in Phuket, put it that way! Funny or weird elements are a big bonus. I will put in your bio and two social media accounts of your choice as well as the answers to a few questions and of course your website. I will be sharing it on various platforms the week it’s published and then again in the following weeks.

Want me to live vicariously through you? Drop me an email at and if it fits, we’ll get working on it 🙂


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