A Few Hours to Kill in London Town


London is my birth town and where I have spent the majority of my life since. Most of me adores it, some of me hates it. I think that happens to everyone when they stay somewhere long enough. The rose tinted glasses come off and the good things start to fade covered by the nitty gritty of life’s annoyances.  But then when I’m away from it long enough, I realise I take it for granted and there are so many good things that can keep one occupied for days if not weeks. Love it or hate it, I’m lucky to have it!

Covent Garden

Over the years I have made a conscious effort to indulge in London. I live in a suburb in south London and rather than have to travel to the city for work,  I do most of my bread and butter activity locally or from home. I hate the ‘rat race’ and commuting so this also means I have to put a few hours aside and travel in especially to enjoy all it has to offer. I love how comfortably multicultural it is, the hustle and bustle and the attack on the senses, yet if it gets too much you can go and laze in one of the many beautiful parks within a few minutes.

Green Park

Last week we planned to go specifically to see the poppies at the Tower of London and whilst there we had a bite to eat in Chinatown and wandered round aimlessly taking in the vibe. I love this city for that, so much to see and do just roaming the streets!


We got off the tube at Green Park. Although officially the summer ended some time ago, the weather has mostly been glorious the last few weeks and mixed with the autumnal tones is stunning. No wonder the deck chairs are still out! Ok, So it wasn’t sunny on this particular day but was still dry and mild.

DSC_0069 (2)


We made our way down Piccadilly and spotted a sweet little market in St James’s Church yard. I have never heard of or seen this before so it was a nice way to spend 10 mins nosing at people’s proud works of art and quirky antiques.




Handmade teak wood chopping boards

 DSC_0115 (2)


We wandered down past the Ritz and Fortnum & Mason, admiring all the window displays and the posh-nosh offerings in little restaurants and deli’s.




Then we hit Piccadilly Circus where we caught a couple of guys ‘street jamming’ as I like to call it – not just regular busking!


Behind that case was a Vox amp, nice tone and they rocked it out well

We then wandered onto Covent Garden, one of my favourite places to hang out and nose at arts and crafts I probably won’t buy, or have a lightening idea I can make them myself 🙂 smell the huge paella cooking downstairs or mooch round the little shops

DSC_0143 (2)

Although I did buy one of those rose soaps last year for a Christmas present and apparently it’s lovely and well worth the purchase. I definitely can’t make those, nor will I try!

Covent Garden is famous for the street entertainment, not always to everyone’s taste but if you wander round the corner you will always find something else. The acoustic guitarist was a nice break from magic tricks or juggling with chainsaws!

Playing one of my favourite Damien Rice songs

We spotted a London bus beautifully painted in commemoration of the Centenary.

St Paul's Church

St Paul’s Church


Finally onto the Tower of London. You can read my ‘Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, Where Angels Fear to Tread’ post here.

Medieval postern gate which gave access to the City of London from the east


Thank you for reading! Have you ever been to London? What are your favourite things to do? Comment below, share the love and like away or follow me on http://www.facebook.com/thehardytraveller and Twitter @HardyTravellers

As you know, I am a spring chicken at this blogging lark. As such there isn’t much content, yet! As my blog grows, keep your eyes peeled for more posts on our trips such as our road trip London – Amsterdam (and all the treats in between), our upcoming Venice trip and many more. Or you can check out my current posts such as Amsterdam – My Favourite City in the World! Amsterdam My Way – Top 10 Tips and Things to do, Get Lost in the Peak District, There is More to Kinderdijk than Just Windmills! My top 5 Travel Tunes Travel the World and the Seven Seas – Salgados, Portugal Seasalter, Whitstable and Friendship or Blood Swept Lands and Seas of Red, Where Angels Fear to Tread I appreciate every single one of you, thank you for reading!



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