3 Ways to Ease the Holiday Blues

I made myself chuckle today. Although we’re going away in less than a week to peruse a couple of the less frequented European Christmas markets, I have been finding myself booking and planning parts of our Thailand trip in February 2015. Forget the fact I will be cruising round the Netherlands (one of my favourite countries), I am obviously yearning for the sun and to get lost in paradise for a few weeks 🙂 One of my favourite pastimes is dreaming of and planning holidays, short breaks and if I’m lucky – longer travelling stints. It got me thinking; if I am already getting stuck into Thailand before even enjoying the upcoming trip, what comes after Thailand?  That gut wrenching feeling of disappointment of having to come home and slot back into reality is kicking in way too early. But I fear not, there is A LOT to plan and look forward to. And then this post was born; here are a few tips of how to ease that holiday comedown.


1) Book another. Quickly!

Ok, so I get you may be counting the pennies after living it up on your recent getaway, but you can book a lot of low cost flights very cheaply in advance from the UK and a lot of hotel sites do a book now pay later option. Or you can just book a night away in the next town if life commitments override the ability to book a proper break. I always find having another trip to look forward to eases the blow; the countdown can begin and rather than just dreaming, you know for a fact you’ll be flying high again very soon.

Algarve, Portugal

2) Go through your holiday snaps

Stick the memory card into the laptop, pour a glass of wine (or your new favourite drink that reminds you of your recent trip. Even if it never tastes the same!) and have a cosy night in. Take yourself back to where you were a few days ago, talk fondly of those locals you met and relive the memories you made or laugh hysterically about that photo-bomber you only just noticed in what would have been a perfect scenic snap! Get the pictures blown up too, seeing your favourite sunset every morning when you wake up can never be a bad thing. I also find listening to my holiday tunes works a treat.

A pet monkey in Koh Chang, Thailand. One of the weirdest photos I have ever taken. Do I agree with it? Absolutely not. Does it mesmerise me and take me back to that place every time I see this photo? Yes.

 3) Spend some quality time with your good friends and loved ones

It’s all very well living it up in the sun without a care in the world, justifying why this life is so much better than at home. On a shorter break it’s really easy to see all the bad things of your home town, picking out all the things that are better in your current destination – whether it’s the friendliness of the people you meet or the price and quality of the food you eat; comparisons are always made. And don’t get me started on the lack of sirens compared to where I live in London; the daily harassing sound of emergency services and helicopters is definitely not missed! The longer the trip, the more you do miss and the comparisons start to even out more realistically, letting you see some of the good things from home. Depending on where I have been I may miss my favourite comfort food or the fact we have pretty seamless internet access in London (Venice – sort it out!) Or I could delve a bit deeper, realising the freedom we have in this country compared to other places and how lucky we are to have the services we have; we’re obviously not perfect and there is a lot of nonsense going down in our government, but for instance, I don’t see any naked children begging on the street here and that is something I’ve seen a few times before in much less fortunate places. What I always miss the most are my good friends, family and my beloved cats! I realise how lucky I am, and it’s certainly a good reason to spend time at home. By spending time with your loved ones shows you what is important in life and although that dream trip awaits you, make the most of your time here.


Me with my biggest nephew and littlest nephew. Times like these are priceless and gives you reasons to enjoy a break from travel


Thanks for reading and I hope you’ve enjoyed. Do you have any tips to beat the holiday blues? Comment below!


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