The Islands and Sunset Barbecue

Koh Tup

Last Wednesday we took an awesome small group tour of Hong islands and the ‘4 islands’ Sunset Tour. A pretty standard trip from here except I’d already researched trip advisor’s best one (of course!) so we went ahead and booked with Your Krabi (agent) and Andaman Camp & Cruise (operator)*  The price cannot be compared to what you can pick up locally dirt cheap, however it was worth every penny considering we were only a small group of 7 as opposed to the common practice of shoving 40+people on a little boat and then being rushed around the islands at the same peak time every other bugger goes. The guide we had knew his stuff and the skippers were excellent and couldn’t do enough for you, we had a delicious home cooked lunch on the longtail boat and in the evening sat watching the sunset on Koh Tup while munching on the tastiest BBQ you can imagine.

Our excellent guide Sven

Koh Hong Beach

A typical Thailand shot, but I love it! Many more similar to come…..

This part of Thailand has some stunning scenery with huge rock formations at every turn. The sun glistens off the clear blue waters, and the emerald jungles stand out from miles away. It is no wonder it is one of the best places in the world to rock climb. I’m actually finding it so hard to describe – even the photos don’t do much justice! It is certainly quite unique compared to the many other islands I’ve seen and boat trips I’ve been on in other parts of Thailand and around the world. If I was to compare it to anything I’ve seen then I’d say the Algarve coast in Portugal comes close – but 100 times more heavenly!



Sunset on Koh Tup

Like the really organised blogger that I am, I was so involved taking in all the scenery that I have forgotten a lot of the names of places we saw. I’ll be taking the dictaphone next time and will also update this once I have time to research and identify the pictures!

Koh Tup

The boys preparing the barbecue

We snorkelled round Chicken Island & Turtle Island. The turtle is obvious, the chicken to me – not so much!

As far as snorkelling goes, it’s wonderful for the first timer or if you’ve never dived or snorkelled in more renowned parts of the world. Unfortunately for me and a couple of other people I have spoken to it was a little deflating. Half of the coral there was dead or bleached and there weren’t a huge amount of fish, and certainly none I haven’t seen before. I am not sure if it’s unfortunate or not but I did my PADI open water in the Great Barrier Reef. I have been spoilt! Saying that, it’s still always a pleasure floating around in a giant fish tank, daydreaming and getting away from the world above, definitely beats south London on a Tuesday morning  🙂


Koh Hong

Koh Hong

*A little tip here: I had my eye on Andaman Camp & Cruise while researching back home, they had fantastic reviews and really seemed to do the best trips possible away from the crowds and with safety in mind, however I only seemed to be able to book private tours directly with them, which we didn’t have the budget for. I then found Your Krabi and they had fantastic reviews. They offered a very small group tour which was more affordable and was a happy medium between private and big group tours. Once I booked, I realised it was with Andaman Camp & Cruise – how awesome was that! Always check with Andaman Camp & Cruise directly though in case they do have a small group tour booked that coincides with your trip.

Koh Tup sunset. I just don’t get bored wherever I am in the world


Amazing beach barbecue - everything freshly cooked on board

Thailand (186)



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