Kayaking in Ao Thalane

Paddling through the shallow waters of the mangrove forest, surrounded by lush dense foliage wrapping the caves, cliffs and stunning karsts, finding hidden lagoons and caves along the way and admiring the monkeys as they wait for their daily watermelon.  The sounds are remarkable – definitely beats a ‘sounds of the rainforest’ CD’ 🙂 The shade of the jungle keeps you cool as you cruise around the complex network of channels, sometimes dodging and managing trees and thin gaps as you go.


Ao Thalane is about 20km from Krabi Town and is renowned as one of the most beautiful mangrove forests in Thailand. If you have transport , make your way to Ao Thalane and book on one of their guided tours.  In this instance, a guide is definitely needed in order to make it out of the forest as their experience is second to none, they know about the tides and channels as well as the nature and wildlife but they also let you crack on safely and enjoy your own company.

We stopped at ‘monkey cave’ to feed the wild monkeys their daily water melon. They only drink fresh water and it’s difficult for them to get to the mainland so the guides bring that for them too. I’m not keen on interfering with nature and wild animals but in this instance it certainly helps them to get by and only the guides were allowed to feed them. It was a big difference seeing these monkeys compared to when I saw them in Bali – those little buggers in Bali were waaaay too tame and in my opinion exploited. It was good to see them happy but not get close to tourists and still be wary of humans. Step back, appreciate them and respect them. Please don’t try to touch or feed them!


Clever little things these guys are – he got sand on his watermelon so rinsed it off in the bay

We booked this tour through Your Krabi, the same agent we booked to go to the 4 islands. Seema who deals with bookings is fantastic with communication and giving different options and ideas of things to do. I would definitely recommend them. We also mixed this day with the Emerald Pool and hot springs. If I’m honest, in hindsight we would give that part a miss. It was fine but way too busy with tourists and nothing that spectacular about it.

Nature’s own jacuzzi bath, would be great if we had some peace though, it was rammed which you can’t see so much in this photo. Not the most relaxing when it really should be!

Emerald Pool – would be serene if it didn’t remind me of a kids holiday camp 🙂

The Blue Lagoon. Pretty spectacular, but was it worth the 20 min trek uphill in tropical heat? Mmm not sure

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All in all, I urge you to kayak in Ao Thalane. Definitely an amazing experience to behold.

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