Why did I freak out and make plans?

 We arrived in Koh Lanta 10 days ago. Within about 10 minutes of being here I knew we had to change our plans right away. We were supposed to leave last Thursday after our camping trip on Koh Rok and fly up to Chiang Mai, but I knew it wouldn’t be long enough on this sweet island and there was no way we could drag ourselves away any time soon! Definitely now overtakes Koh Chang as my favourite habited island in Thailand, and I bloody love Koh Chang!

Khlong Khlong beach. Stunning!

 Before we came I had planned soooo much for us to do. I booked a survival trek up in the jungles near Chiang Mai, a farm stay with a hill tribe on Airbnb (random, but true!) I had booked for us to go to the Elephant Nature Park – something I really wanted to do as it’s one of the only (if not THE only, I think) elephant sanctuaries that is actually a sanctuary; no riding whatsoever, only learning about these beautiful creatures, helping at feeding time and chucking buckets of water over them at bath time.  We are still toying with going up to Chiang Mai for 3 days but all the other stuff has now been blown out of the water. We had a pretty strict schedule and because these places are scattered about, there is no way we’ll be able to do any of it, except maybe visit the elephants of course – I hope.

Klong Nin beach sunset


So why the bloody hell did I make all these plans? If anyone knows me, even slightly, then you’ll be laughing to yourself right now. I don’t make plans. I’ve always been quite proud of just getting up and going, see where the wind takes me.  I’ve never, ever done it in my whole entire life apart from short breaks and even then no trips are planned, they’re just in mind. I freaked out – that’s exactly what I did. I knew that 3 weeks in Thailand would never be enough. I panicked that we’d miss out, that we would bum about on a beach all day and not go and see anything. The internet is great, but it’s also dangerous. I read sooo many articles and blog posts of safety issues in Thailand such as dodgy boats or cramming as many people in as possible. I’d read way too many reviews and I wanted everything to be perfect. I hand picked companies who had top reviews and the same goes for the accommodation.

Mind you, this isn’t all bad. Naga Peak in Ao Nang was fantastic, and that was chosen because of reviews. Same goes for The Hut Lanta here in Koh Lanta (obviously). I can also safely say the same about our sunset trip last week in Krabi, Kayaking in Ao Nang and also the absolutely fabulous once in a lifetime camping trip to Koh Rok (post coming soon). So there are definitely pros and cons to planning.

By changing these plans we’ve lost a bit of money on lost deposits and plane fares, but we figured if we were relaxing a bit more here and not paying for trips etc every day then we’d save that money elsewhere.

Candy floss tuk tuk

So far we’ve been to Lanta Animal Welfare four times. Can’t stay away from that place and doing what we can to help. Camping on Koh Rok was just awesome, explored some of the island on the moped, met some fabulous people and lived the chilled beach life. This place is absolutely amazing and there will be separate posts covering it all.


If I could stay here forever, I definitely would. Already plotting at least a year in Asia. It WILL happen 🙂

*****UPDATE***** we have decided to stay put. After speaking to many fellow travellers about what we should do, everyone says Chiang Mai is amazing. I have no doubt about that, hence planning 10 days up there initially! But they also say 3 days is rushed, definitely a tease and with less than a week left here every minute is precious so spending a day travelling is just not appealing. We will make the most of our time here on Lanta to really get to know it, spend some more time at animal welfare, explore the national park and some ‘secret’ serene beaches, check out the waterfalls and caves and generally just relax. Will we regret it? I don’t think so….

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