Who am I?

Imagine quitting your job and travelling the world full time? It’s a dream but I’m not there yet! Hello, I’m Amy. I’m a 30 something girl, born, bred and based in south London, England with three feline masters and a husband who is a more shy Hardy Traveller often behind the camera. I have a slightly dysfunctional penchant for the Netherlands, she just keeps pulling me back time and time again and I daren’t say no. I’m an explorer and a curious cat, the world intrigues me and I want to see it all, little by little. Around my day jobs, projects and commitments, I travel, near and far. I take every opportunity and make it a priority.

What do I love about travel? I love to immerse myself in other cultures, learn of the nitty gritty realities as well as the great. I live for the days when I’m surrounded by breath-taking natural beauty and endless scenery and serenity. Water is a weak spot; I could watch and listen to it for hours. I never get tired of seeing yet another sunsetI am a sucker for them. I’d probably love sun rises too but I am definitely not a morning person ;). Bustling, quirky cities have a hold over me, I love the madness, I love walking for hours on end, soaking up the history and taking in the sights but if a foot massage is on offer at the end of a long day, my dead feet will be there waiting! The tastes, the smells, the shocks and downright weirdness; they all do it for me. I love being lost as much as I hate it. As frustrating as it is, it’s usually for the best; some of my most favourite travel moments were off the back of loss and confusion – ‘off the beaten track’ and all that jazz. I love to meet new people and I love to people watch; more often than not I am putting the world to rights with a glass of the local beverage in hand watching the world go by.   Enjoy the moment and the rest will follow.

I am a great believer in the education of travel; there is nothing else quite like it to nourish your brain and then pass on your wisdom to those willing to listen.  If we are to explore and uncover this beautiful planet, we must also care for her and take responsibility for her welfare. The more I travel, the more mindful I am becoming about the impact I and everyone else is having on the world. So many negative marks are left by travellers, usually unintentionally, it’s really easy to make a few small changes and leave a more positive impact whether socially, environmentally or economically to name a few.

I am here to inspire people who want to see as much of the world as possible around commitments and dread the thought of yet another run of the mill package holiday. Every trip should be treated as a once-in-a-lifetime trip and can never be truly replicated. Through my own experiences, many hard lessons, years of obsessive research and some humour for good measure, I will show you how to plan that perfect trip whether it’s ‘glamping’ in the Peak District or a boutique break in Amsterdam, I genuinely want to help make it a reality for you. I am totally transparent and 100% honest with my advice and opinions, if I don’t like something, I will say and equally if I truly believe in it, you probably won’t hear the end of it! I run this blog because I love it, I enjoy inspiring people to get out there and live their life, learning and experiencing all this planet has to offer whether 30 minutes down the road from your home or halfway round the world.  If I work with a brand, I will be completely upfront with a disclaimer on the relevant post, but know this: I will only ever accept assignments on things I am (a) actually genuinely  interested in and (b) just because I am getting compensated, doesn’t mean I will write any old nonsense to fit. I definitely won’t; I’m a terrible liar.

Thank you for reading, without you I am only talking to myself, and that’s just boring 🙂 If you like what you saw, click on the menu above for stories and inspiration!

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All published work including photographs on this site are owned by Amy Hardy unless stated and not to be used without permission.

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